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-MacKenzie Style
Hey guys!!! I'm finally sharing my first youtube video and it's all about the curls:) This is a quick and easy way to bring out your natural curls. Check out this super easy tutorial!


​-MacKenzie Style
Today is all about mommy!!! I wanted to give MacKenzie a break and discuss a new product that I tried today called DevaCurl. Now, let me start off by saying that I rushed through this (it only took me about 5 minutes) so I didn't put in the normal amount of effort I would have if I'd been given more time. MacKenzie woke up early from her nap so unfortunately I had to speed through the process. Anyways, my hair was dry when I started so I divided my hair into 4 sections and spritzed a little bit of water on each. Then, I applied the styling creme and light defining gel to each individual section and........Voilà! Quick and simple!
I am quite impressed with this brand considering the amount of time I was given and the few products I used. It left my hair soft and bouncy which is a major plus in my book. A lot of curl products leave your hair feeling sticky or hard, but DevaCurl does the exact opposite. I can only imagine the results had I been given more time. I plan to try it again in the near future when I have more time and MacKenzie's father is home on daddy duty. I've only read great things about this product and so far I completely agree with the reviews. I highly recommend this product and I hope all of my curly girls give it a try!

**They also sell this product at Sephora and Ulta so check for a location near you!

-MacKenzie Style
Have you tried Mielle Organics? Well I have and I love it. I've been using it for a little over a month now and it definitely keeps my hair and scalp moisturized. What's funny is that I originally bought this for MacKenzie, but I'm so lazy that I often dip into her products because I don't feel like purchasing my own (I have an infant & I'm freaking tired lol). To be completely honest, I hadn't combed or brushed my hair in 3 days before today (take your judgmental eyes off of me) so my hair turned out pretty good considering. What I like about this product is that it basically enhances the look of my natural curls instead of changing them or making it tighter. I previously did a review on Deva Curl and it's a wonderful product, but it did tighten my curls whereas Mielle Organics keeps them looking the same just a bit more refreshed.
My process is pretty simple. I don't sleep with anything on my head at night so my hair is  tangled and all over the place when I wake up in the morning (imagine a lion). The first thing I do is divide my dry hair into 4 sections. Next, I use my comb or Wet brush (depending on how tangled my hair is) and comb out each individual section. Finally I apply the Mielle Organics avocado hair milk and mint oil to each section. That's it! How simple is that? I normally pull it back in a ponytail, but today I decided to wear it out so that you could see how great this product does on my hair. At some point in the future I plan on doing a short tutorial to show you guys my process. Until then, go online or get to your nearest Sally's and purchase yours today!

**They also sell this product at Sally's so check for a location near you!

-MacKenzie Style


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